What I do

I specialize in bringing my client through the creative process from conception through execution. The following 5 steps are a breakdown of the creative process which will help you, the client, fully understand how we will be working together to bring your project to fruition.

In the beginning… welcome to the creative process

This beginning step is meant to outline future tactics, budget, timeline and resource needs for the project. I will ask questions, gather your ideas, and learn your business objectives…

Here’s a glimpse of a tool that I have adopted and fine-tuned over the years. Being able to answer these few questions will help both of us remain on the same page through the completion of the project…

  1. Client’s company name?
  2. What does their business/organization do?
  3. What is their industry sector? Service, Product
  4. How long they have been in business? years…
  5. Who is their primary Target Audience (TA)? Start with age, sex, income, occupation and location.
  6. What does their primary TA currently think about your product/service?
  7. What do you want them to think or do after the communication? If more than one, split into Primary and Secondary actions.
  8. How should the design speak to them? What is the tone should the communication have?
  9.  Are there any mandatories design wise? Logo(s), typeface(s), colors, positioning statement. 
  10. What is required? What do we need to deliver.  And to what level of finish? 
  11. When is the finished product needed? Timing and destination of delivery.
  12. What are the restrictions? Budget, colors, shapes, sizes.
  13. Is there any more background your client can give you? Previous efforts, Competitive Analysis…

Through this portion of the process I can begin to help you best determine your business needs and begin to craft the best possible execution to achieve the desired result.

Design = A preliminary sketch indicating the plan for something

The design process is a funneling of ideas based on a single focus. Through continual refinement of my sketches we are able to see the evolution to a single bright idea. 

Through constant contact with the client I keep them in the loop every step of the way.

Build it from the ground up.

Once we agree on the direction and how we are going to get there we utilize a variety of appropriate technologies and resources to bring the project to its final stage before launch.

Once we have reached a final approval it’s time to “let it roll”.


Weather it’s a logo, business card or the launch of a web site the product goes live.

Evolution not repetition. 

Just as with the creative process itself, processes are continuously re-evaluated and fine-tuned, so I work my clients to help everything they touch improve. So, whether it’s the formatting of a letter, the size of a logo or the choice of a photo everything we do is meant to improve on what we did previously.

And so the process begins again.